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Craftsmen Home Improvements Dayton Ohio

Get Elegance and Beauty from a New Kitchen

Kitchens come in many styles and sizes, whether they are modern, classic, urban, or even country. What is common about every single one is the warm homey feeling that they provide you. It is also usually where your family gathers for meals and where memories are often made.

Therefore, it is important that your kitchen looks beautiful and cozy, but it must also be functional. At Craftsmen Home Improvements in Dayton, OH; we know that the kitchen is not just another space in your house--it is the heart and soul of your home!

Named as one of the largest kitchen remodeling companies in Ohio, we have extensive resources and skills to help get you the kitchen of your dreams.


Why Should You Choose Craftsmen? 

Kitchen Installation 5 Year Labor WarrantyHiring a kitchen remodeling expert is a big deal. You should consider many factors, including company reputation, the number of years in the business, examples of completed projects, customer reviews, and even warranties. Not only does Craftsmen Home Improvements offer the best 5-year installation warranty for your new kitchen, but also has a great reputation with customers.

Our remodeling company dedicates 100% of all efforts to your project. The crew will not pick up any other project while working on your kitchen! Moreover, your renovation project will not start until we have all needed materials ready to go! That way, you get a focused, dedicated, and efficient kitchen remodel that doesn't take months or years!


Company Referrals are Important

Customer reviews can only tell you so much. What is actually more important is the customer referral rate. At Craftsmen Home Improvements, we measure our success based on the number of customers that referred us to their loved ones.

While the industry's average referral rate is 68%, we are proud to inform you that you are 97.6% likely to refer our services to someone else like our many other valued customers do.

As you can see, we take the quality of our services seriously.


One Kitchen - One Project

If you have ever given thought to what it takes for a great looking kitchen, you probably know that many factors come into play. This can include floors, cabinets, lighting, counters, appliances, small accessories like door knobs and handles, and many other elements.
Here at Craftsmen Home Improvements, we take pride in giving you a one-stop shopping experience. You get everything you need for your kitchen remodeling project!

Our beautiful showroom provides:

  • Full kitchens
  • Flooring options
  • Kitchen counter tops
  • Kitchen cabinetry
  • And many other kitchen items and accessories

In addition, an experienced kitchen designer will visit your home to:

  • Provide a design consultation
  • Discuss your kitchen remodel options
  • Find out what you are looking for in your dream kitchen.

A kitchen remodel is more than just a major home improvement. It also increases value to your property! Nevertheless, it is something that takes time and dedication in order to be completed the right way. Craftsmen Home Improvements, Inc. will be glad to help you get that beautiful kitchen!